GRG Objectives

• Support legislation to allow the people of Guernsey to determine by way of Referenda, a number of key issues & possible alternatives for the future government & administration of the Island.

• Transparent and accountable government at all times recognizing that Island expenditure is Islanders’ money which will be treated with the utmost consideration.

• Ensure that all expenditure is cost effective and limited to that which the Island can afford, i.e. prestige projects would not be sanctioned if unacceptable debt levels are required.

• Support the wish of the Public Accounts Committee to appoint an Auditor General or reappoint a properly resourced Guernsey Audit Commission, using locally appointed Commissioners, to allow senior and experienced Islanders to monitor closely Island expenditure and bring recommendations to the States.

• Enhance public safety by ensuring our police and customs are fully resourced and empowered, and the sentencing of criminals reflects more closely the seriousness of the crime. We are minded to adopt a policy of zero tolerance for crimes of violence, vandalism, anti-social behaviour, and towards visiting workers who fail to disclose convictions or who act criminally on our Island. Read an in-depth open letter on our law & order policy here..

• Reduce the legislature to a more effective number of Deputies, encouraging people with relevant skills and experience to stand and ensuring that they are dedicated to the Islandís welfare, not their own aggrandizement. In other words, return to the former ethos of serving the community out of a sense of public duty, loyalty and commitment.

• Encourage businesses which employ high earners and, by definition, high tax payers, by making the granting of licences easier and for longer periods, but, at all times, adopting a “Guernsey First” policy to any recruitment of this nature.

• Understand the contribution the Island’s pensioners have made to the prosperity of Guernsey and reflect this in the financial support we give them with pensions and healthcare.

• Recognize the importance of all workers, skilled and unskilled, to the Island's economy, and the need for their remuneration to reflect their skills fairly.

• Severely limit and reduce the high costs of consultants by ensuring, at all times, the need for their services, but initially always seek to use the Island’s own expertise and experience.

• Balance the incoming foreign workforce to the availability of Guernsey labour, especially those who are classed as unemployed. It is illogical to allow foreign workers access to the Island if their functions can be performed from among the several hundred Island unemployed who, often through no fault of their own, are a cost to the Guernsey tax payer.

• Continue to develop the Island's education and health services to a world class standard while ensuring we tightly control costs and obtain value for money at all times for our expenditure.

• Appreciate that if change is good for Guernsey, it should be implemented, despite personal inconvenience to our Deputies or our Civil Servants.

• We welcome any constructive feedback and suggestions to add to these objectives.

Comment on these policies

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